Hello welcome to my website Aaron's Stuff where I showcase little projects I have created in my spare time and other things I like.

Happy Graph

Happy Graph is a fast and light Java library for performing basic graph operations. I made it for a research project involving large graphs I did in the second year of university where computation speed was essential. By using Happy Graph over freely available libraries such as JGraphT I was able to reduce a complex computation from a matter of days to several hours.

Virtual Page

This is Virtual Page and the idea behind it is that it is a virtual piece of paper which can be drawn, written on and shared. The page itself is made of a HTML5 canvas for drawing and a textarea above it for text. The pages are stored in a MySQL database using PHP and functionality including resizing is controlled using JavaScript.


Chopper is an arcade style game for Android I made in 2013 where the player pilots a helicopter avoiding obstacles and completing missions. When all the missions are completed a *secret* feature is unlocked in the game. I developed the game over several months after work using libGDX which is a cross-platform game development framework for Java. Last time I checked the game had been downloaded over 140,000 times!


Aperture is a gallery website I made for my photography. The website is dynamically populated from a list of images so that it is easy for me to add and remove photos and a realistic looking frame is dynamically added around the full sized photo for that "gallery" look. All this functionality was achieved using JavaScript.

3D Modelling

Many years ago I used to enjoy 3D modelling, creating animations and props for video games such as Half-Life. This is some of the work I did in 3D Studio Max and Cinema 4D.

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Aaron: Feel free to leave a comment :)


Copet: Interesting projects! I love Chopper. Please make an update :)

Myra: I am amazed.

Joanne: This is so cool!

Tintasmen: Nice portfolio Aaron! I love your new project called Chopper, its a fun game to play! :)

Gordon: Good Day To You! I would like to ask if the Half-Life 2 modification Night Terror a modification listed on your YouTube channel is still being developed or if a download link would be available? I think there used to be a link available on Planet Phillip, but it has been removed.

Aaron: Hey Gordon, sadly Night Terror is incomplete and no longer being developed and there is no available download link for it. This video is all that is left: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvV4UzwVbVc. Thanks for your interest in the project though :)

Gordon: No problem! For some reason Google didn't even tell me you messaged back which was kind of inconvenient lol.

Hanna: Aaron's stuff always impressed me. Chopper and Starvin Marvin are very well-thought games. Fantastic photography, too.

Aaron: you have the same as me, Aaron (owner of page) only that i have accent on my name

Swap: Amazing work, love the projects

Khaled: Very nice website and alot skill set you have to show.

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