Aaron Zimmermann is an Australian photographer based in Sydney specialising in landscapes and nature. He has an affinity for the natural world and travels throughout Australia and internationally creating images which he feels passionate about and that meet his own personal style and standards.

As a child he had an interest in cameras having owned a few different entry level film and digital compact cameras as early as 8 years of age. He enjoyed using these cameras to take photos of nature and while travelling with his family.

In 2012 he purchased his first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3100 to attempt to photograph celestial objects through his telescope but realised he enjoyed the art and science of taking meaningful photos of subjects on Earth much more.

Over the next few years Aaron became more engrossed in photography, regularly shooting independently or with other photographers on weekends or after work, planning photography trips to explore new subjects and environments, mastering and experimenting with different techniques and investing in more professional gear such as cameras, lenses and filters enabling him to capture even more details in his images for a more satisfying and impactful end result.

In 2020 Aaron created an online gallery featuring only his best work from the previous 8 years allowing visitors to view his images or acquire prints for their home. For Aaron the gallery is a consolidation of all his work and a reflection of his development as a photographer. He continues to pursue photography, learning new techniques, finessing his style and adding new pieces to his gallery, stay tuned for more!